Burglary in Beyers Mills Present Day Fuoss Mills!

October 3, 1863

The burglars entered the wash-house where they stole, clothing, boots, shoes and four jars of peaches, from the home of Aaron Beyer.

From the wash-house, they then broke into the parlor by removing strips from the window, enabling them to hoist the sash. Quiet as cats in padded boots they found the center table and took a new cover. At the book-case they removed valuable reading material along with two picture albums, that contained several images of members of family, and close friends. These cannot be replaced, with money. The family is saddened by this.

Mr. Beyer related to the constable: “They must be old offenders, as their work had been accomplished so noiselessly that none of us in the household were awakened by their presence.”

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