List Maker or a Wing Man?

My daughter is a List Maker, planner, organizer, plotter. In fact she even wrote a book on organizing. Her life is all about order. I’m just the opposite. I’m more of a Wing Man.

My question to you is; are you the List Maker in your writing, reading, shopping? Or are you a Wing Man? An idea slides into your mind and you go right to the computer and start writing that great novel. As you’re writing the plot moves along, people, places, ideas continue to populate your mind. In about six months you write the End.

The List Maker; searches for ideas. Finds a few after careful study, then on paper with pen in hand, comes up with names of each character and a sketch of who they are. Writes out places for the story to take shape, what it will look, feel, and smell like. A careful laying out of the plot. Then the List Maker is ready to write the story. Six months later the End.

In the end we both achieve the same goal. We all reach our goals in different ways. We all use different methods, that get us where we want to be. THE END.

Let me know what you think and thank you for Traveling with me.

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